We all love to see the nature around us grow and flourish, but sometimes, just like humans, trees can get sick.

There are number of diseases trees can acquire and also a number of distinct problems to be aware of to protect your trees from getting sick and dying. A common disease we see is the growth of Bracket fungi. This type of fungi is comprised of many different types and can be identified by the shapes they form – shelf/bracket or sometimes circular. These fruiting structures are called conks and they lie in close groups separately or even interconnecting.

The problem is that the fungi attacks the heartwood (the interior) causing decay. If this occurs it can then compromise the structural integrity of the tree. The danger is that when rot occurs in a branch, it will weaken and drop, possibly damaging nearby plants and property. If the disease attacks the trunk, the tree can fall causing further and substantial damage. We have seen the devastating effects of trees falling and in extreme circumstances killing people.

The treatment is simple. Contact Everwilling Trees Specialists – the Central Coast experts when it comes to diagnosing tree diseases and one of our expert arborists will assess your trees and remove the infected branches. This will prevent spore release and infection of other trees.

Also be aware that fungi on old decomposing timber can lead to termites and bugs coming into your property. Nobody wants any of these nasties around or in your home.

One common mistake we see are grass clippings placed around trees. Most people are unaware that this can change PH levels in soil. Why is this a problem? Well, by changing the PH in the soil, the health of a tree is put at risk. The grass clipping also hold heat around the base of the tree – and this is not recommended for optimal health.

Recognising bark inclusions is extremely difficult for people who are not tree specialists. Bark inclusion is one of the most dangerous thing a tree can get as this is the spot where a tree will have weak branch attachments resulting in branch breakage. An Everwilling Trees Specialists expert can inspect your properties on the Central Coast to avoid any avoidable accidents.

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