WILD weather has swept Sydney – and in particular the Central Coast this January.

It’s been a soggy start to the year with many properties affected by the severe storms.

Due to El Niño, Australia has seen an increase in extreme winds and higher rainfall already. It was only a few weeks ago that a freak storm hit the Central Coast leaving a path of destruction in its wake. In particular, the Berkley Vale area was hit the hardest and we saw many houses hit by falling trees. Power lines were also damaged as well as cars, fences and other structures.

Fortunately, these storms are vey rare, however many people panic and, unsurprisingly, fear for the safety of their family. It’s at this time that Everwilling Trees becomes inundated with calls requesting tree removals. Some people take it into their own hands and remove trees they deem potentially dangerous, but without the expertise, they may actually be doing more damage.

This is why it is vital to call the experts in to inspect and determine if a tree is a danger and needs to be removed. An Everwilling Trees professional arborist will be able to establish if the trees on your property pose a hazard, if they need pruning or removal or even remain as is. A storm or even strong winds should not be a reason for a perfectly healthy tree to be removed. We try to encourage preservation and the replanting if a property has lost any trees due to storms.

Our advice is to call Everwilling Trees and leave it to the experts. It could save you a lot of worry and also ensure the safety of your loved ones.

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