BUSHFIRES are a part of Australia – the never-ending cycle of growth, death, rebirth and regeneration. For eons the Aussie bush has lived this natural cycle. Due to urban growth in modern times, bushfires have resulted in the devastating effects of human loss and man-made structures.

November 2015 has been the hottest on record with meteorologist predicting a scorching summer. So, what can you do to minimise any fire risks on your property?

Firstly, have a thorough inspection of all the trees on your property. If you’re not confident, call us at Everwilling Trees and we will send out one of our highly qualified arborists to ensure the safety of your trees, including the proximity to your house.

Secondly, a systematic clean-up of all old and dead trees needs to be completed. Dead wood piled up is a recipe for disaster, so the safest thing is to do is to get rid of it!

Thirdly, all those shrubs that are just taking up space and creating mess should be pruned back or even removed. Again, dry branches and leaves on unkempt shrubs can act as an accelerant during a bushfire.

Next, ensure to do all your mulching now. Replacing mulch in your garden will keep moisture in the soil – more moisture, less fire risk.

And finally, clear out all your gutters of any leaf debris. This is vital for the safety of your home and family.

Enjoy the coming summer but also be wise and be prepared for any hazards that may occur. As always, Everwilling Trees are well equipped to tackle any issue on your property and have the years of experience and know-how to keep your gardens looking fabulous and safe all year round.

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