We all know trees are vital to sustain life on our planet. Without trees, Earth’s eco system will simply collapse.

Over the last two months, we have also seen the devastation trees can cause. It’s Mother Nature’s natural cycle of renewal. While we have been focussed on cleaning up branches and fallen trees and ensuring the safety of properties and homes, consideration must also be taken to replace the lost trees.

So, why is replanting of trees so important? Without repeating the obvious, trees are vital to maintain and sustain life. But, thinking beyond just removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen, trees provide shelter for animals and shade for other plants. Without trees, our varied and unique Australian fauna lose not only their homes but also for many their food source.

All over the county, new housing, commercial and industrial developments are cropping up – and at an accelerated rate. While this might mean new homes for our expanding population it also unfortunately means, the uprooting and destroying of large amounts of trees. It’s distressing witnessing this huge destruction and more needs to be done.

How can we combat this? Fortunately local councils have specific and strict rules on protecting trees so often it may be difficult to have a tree removed. But how about replanting? This is where the experience, skills and know-how of a trained tree specialist can help pick the right trees and for your property and advise where to plant and how many you should add to your property.

Feel free to contact Everwilling Trees to discuss your needs. It can be a little scary replanting, especially if you have had a negative experience following a natural disaster, but the benefits to your life, our animal friends and our planet will be priceless.

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