IT HAS been a month since those tremendous storms lashed though Sydney and the Central Coast ­– and the clean-up is still continuing!

We have been extremely busy removing fallen trees, branches and inspecting properties for any dangers that remain. Among the clean-up, we have removed many large trees that had fallen on houses, some measuring 30­–40 metres tall. Seeing the devastation up close reinforced the importance of safety and inspections.

An imperative point to take into consideration is that while the first priority is to remove fallen trees and branches, a thorough inspection of wet areas must be investigated. Often trees can move and become unstable do to the soaked ground, so it is vital to have a professional take a good look at remaining trees that might look safe.

Another consideration is to determine the proximity of trees to your home. After removing many trees that had fallen on properties, it really hit home (no pun intended) the damage trees can have on bricks and mortar. Also be mindful of other structures on your property such as garages, sheds and granny flats.

Insurance companies have been bogged down with claims, and they are moving as fast as they can to complete assessments and claims. It might be a good time to look into your insurance policies and amend coverage if needed.

As always, Everwilling Trees are only too happy to come out to your property or home to conduct a thorough inspection or remove and cut trees. When it comes to the health and safety of your loved ones, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. We are only at the beginning of winter and more, rain, storms and even wild weather will surely be expected.

Give Everwilling Trees a call today and be reassured you’re protecting your home and family. Always honest, always reliable.

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