Now that spring has sprung, we tend to expect a flourishing garden with blooming flowers and booming trees. It’s true that most plants and vegetables go through a dramatic growth period during spring, but as the saying goes; you reap the soil you sow. It’s clear to us that this phrase has become popular for a reason – it’s completely and utterly true.

A little bit of backyard TLC and maintenance can work wonders, enhancing the growth during this period. So to ensure you and your yard get optimum growth during this time of year, here are some tips for preparing your garden for spring. You greens will be the envy of the street.

In modern society, we can be quite vigorous about germs; always carrying hand sanitiser, and disinfecting every surface of the home, but the same attitudes should be applied in the backyard. It’s a little known fact that dirty garden tools can spread disease and bacteria, especially if they’ve been left in the shed for a few months. This can be harmful to your plants, resulting in a withering garden. Your tools should also be well maintained. This will ensure they work better and last longer. For example, you need nice, sharp edges on your secateurs and no signs of rust on your trowel.

With the wild winds and torrential rains we’ve had across areas of the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Hunter and Hornsby districts, your yard may be in disarray. Repair any damage caused by the winter weather, mend any fences or trellis that require it, and remove any debris from the yard. Rake up dead leaves and clear away any weeds that may have managed to root themselves during your gardening hiatus.

Now is also a great time to maintain your trees. Ask our team here at Everwilling Tree Specialists to prune any dead or damaged branches. It is also extremely important to have your trees checked by a qualified arborist, both from the ground and aerially, after any extreme weather events. Everwilling can also help tidy up your hedges and bushes, creating a neat and tidy garden.

After winter rain is a great time to turn the soil in your garden beds. We also recommend adding compost, manure and/or fertiliser to create an ideal environment for the growth of new plants. Slow release fertiliser is recommended if you’re planting new seeds or seedlings.

Now that your garden is ready, it’s time to get planting! Early spring is an ideal time to plant trees, shrubs, annuals and vegetables. As your planting, keep in mind the amount of space needed as the plant or tree grows. Similarly, seedlings or plants that have been growing in pots can now be planted in your garden, or re-potted into larger pots. Be sure to use fresh potting mix.

Post-planting, top your garden beds and the base of your trees with mulch. With a scorching hot summer coming up, mulch will help conserve moisture and regulate soil temperature. Additionally, it can prevent weed growth, which is crucial as these pest plants compete with your plants for water and nutrients.

As your flowers and trees grow, keep an eye on them. Prune as required after a bloom, and top up fertiliser or mulch. Continue to monitor weed growth and remove any pests you may find lurking in your yard.

At any stage if you need advice on tree pruning, maintenance or removal, please don’t hesitate to contact the qualified and experienced team here at Everwilling Tree Specialists. We can also give advice on the best types of trees to plant in your yard and the best spots to encourage growth!

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