Tree work is hazardous, and can be very dangerous. There are many instances of people being injured or killed as a result of tree work gone awry. The high risk of injury in the industry is reflected by the high price of premiums for workers’ compensation. The dangers are not just limited to the professionals. Bystanders, and those undertaking work at home, can also be at risk. And let’s not forget the victims of freak accidents, like the eight year old girl from Pitt Town Public School who was tragically killed from a falling branch.

The large branch that fell down in the playground at Pitt Town Public School
Photo: Saffron Howden via

That’s why, at Everwilling Tree Specialists, we take safety seriously.

As an arborist, there are many things to consider before we start up our chainsaws. What equipment will be needed to do the work? Is the equipment safe and in optimum working order? How many staff will we need to do the job safely and efficiently? What are the skills and experience of each staff member? Is there a need for the control of pedestrians or vehicles? Does the site itself pose any hazards? Are there any above- or below-ground services, like water pipes and power lines? Do we need to liaise in any capacity with any authorities? Has council approval been gained for the job?

Before Everwilling Tree Specialists commence work for any job, any potential hazards are identified, the risk of injury is assessed, and the job is carefully planned to control risks where possible. We develop a plan for safe work practices, and ensure our team, and anyone else around, is up to date on the day’s plan of attack.

There are a vast amount of factors that we have to look at before we can head on site and start work. There are external factors, such as the weather. Wind and rain can have a huge impact on our day, while scorching temperatures mean we have to ramp up sun protection. Nothing worse than climbing down from a tree sunburnt and sore!

Site factors, like water pipes or power lines, can affect our access, while adjacent buildings like a house or garage can alter our plan of attack. A drop zone is identified for the trees we’re working on, and we’ve got to be careful that no buildings or people are in the way of the tree or branch coming down.

The carport on this job site made access tricky

We’re also big on personal protective equipment. We wear a variety of protective gear, like safety glasses, helmets, steel capped boots, and earmuffs.

Tim all decked out in his safety gear

Over the years, with research and development, the techniques and tools in the arboriculture industry have changed. In the last decade, there has been an abundance of developments in the industry, resulting in safer techniques and technology for use in tree management.

Here at Everwilling Tree Specialists, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the innovative technologies and techniques of the industry. As a relatively young company, we have the benefit of being trained in an era where safety has never been more important. But this doesn’t compromise our experience, and our ability to complete the job to the best possible standards.

The team have made it their priority to keep up to date with these advances and developments. You can be guaranteed that Everwilling Tree Specialists will perform your next tree lopping, pruning, branch trimming, stump grinding or tree relocation in the safest, most advanced manner.

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