Welcome to Everwilling Tree Specialists’ first monthly blog post. We have started this blog to share with you the work that we do. Many people find the art of specialist tree services fascinating, while others ask questions about the potential dangers of our work and what to look for with trees. In these blog posts, we plan to share with you some of the fundamentals of arbor services, both commercial and domestic, and the highlights of our work, while educating the community on how to best manage the trees in their area. We’ll also be providing interesting information and advice.

For our first post, we’d like to introduce you to the Everwilling Tree Specialists team, what we do, and what separates us from the rest.


The Everwilling Tree Specialists team
Contractor Ryan with Tim, Matt and Grant

Tim Griffiths is the owner and operator of Everwilling Tree Specialists. With over twelve years’ experience, Tim is a very talented tree climber. At home in the tree canopy, Tim is nimble and agile when scaling trees of any size. He manages the trees from above, topping and pruning branches from the top.


Grant has more than fifteen years experience in the business. Preferring to keep his feet landlocked, he oversees the groundwork. Grant operates the crane, wood chipper, stump grinders and other equipment from the ground. He also manoeuvres the winches and ropes, bringing down the branches lopped by Tim and helping to keep him safe.


The newest member of the team is third year apprentice Matt. A trainee climber, Matt heads up the trees under the close supervision and guidance of expert Tim. When he is not climbing, Matt also helps Grant with the groundwork, felling from below. He works hard to ensure the boys leave the job neat and tidy.

Everwilling Tree Specialists provide a complete range of tree management services for both domestic and commercial clients. We also work across the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Hunter Valley and Hornsby districts, and surrounding suburbs.

We can help with things like tree removal, branch removal, lopping, pruning, tree care and tree maintenance. We also work with dead wood, burnt trees, wood chipping and mulching. Everwilling Tree Specialists offer free quotes and a free hazard assessment.

Here at Everwilling, we have developed the motto ‘clean, cut, reliable and professional.’ These four traits are the foundation of our work and combine to result in our excellent service.

Although some believe we are a young team, we certainly have the experience for the job. With over 30 years of experience between us, we are very skilled in the arborist trade. We will gladly provide you with contacts of satisfied customers to provide recommendations.

Like any industry, the occupational health and safety requirements for the arboriculture industry are quite rigorous. Here at Everwilling, we ensure that we stringently observe the safety regulations to reduce hazards for the team, the clients and anyone else who may be around. We complete a risk and hazard assessment before commencing any job and develop safe work practice plans for tackling the task ahead. We make sure it’s all documented on paper, and with over $20 million in public liability insurance cover, we have you covered. With Everwilling Tree Specialists, you can be sure that the job is completed with safety and quality in mind.

Over the last ten years, there have been many developments in tools, technology, techniques and equipment across the tree management industry. These advances often result in faster and safer jobs. One of the benefits of a slightly younger team is that we have been trained with these modern advances and are familiar with them. We continue to stay up to date with all technological and technique related advancements to ensure we deliver the best possible service to all of our clients.

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