As the Southern Hemisphere awakens from its winter slumber, it’s time to ‘spring’ into action (okay sorry, bad pun)!

There are a number of important steps that need attention to get your garden ready for the spring and summer months ahead such as feeding, weeding and mulching.

From little things big things grow

It’s time to check for new growth that has occurred over winter. If you have any magnolia trees, you might want to trim branches to force more bloom to grow.

Fruit trees need pruning before any buds appear otherwise the tree will be stressed and yield a small crop.

As well as growth over winter you’ll notice you might have dead wood, especially on gum trees. It is imperative to remove all dead wood from   these trees to avoid accidents from falling branches. You and your family will be spending a lot more time outdoors and underneath these trees, so safety must be the number one priority.

Feed me, Seymour

Your plants and trees are now in a growth-spurt mode and need essential nutrients to flourish before they slow down in summer. Make sure you feed your trees with the correct fertiliser (established and new trees require different food) and test the soil to find out if it is deficient in any essential nutrients.

Weeding out

Nasty weeds that popped up over winter need extraction, and fast! While your weeding, remove the old mulch and replace with fresh mulch. If the old mulch is well broken down, work this into the topsoil for added nutrients.

Once you’ve prepped your garden beds, get sowing with veggies such as onions and potatoes and even some lettuce varieties.

If you’re in any doubt, an Everwilling Trees specialist can give you the best advice on your garden and inspect your property. Call us to remove your dangerous trees. While we’re there we can also do some stump grinding and tidy up your property to make it look more spacious.

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