WHEN Mother Nature unleashes her wrath, the only thing we can do is bunker down until she’s spent.

She must have been mighty angry last week as witnessed by Sydney residents – and she saved an extra bit of fury for us mortals on the Central Coast. So now, the clean up begins.

When the weather turns nasty, our initial thoughts are on staying safe. But as we venture outside to assess the damage, there’s the realisation that not only is there a need to pickup debris and fix cars and homes, but that trees that once stood strong and tall may now be potential hazards.

The news feeds were littered with images of fallen trees and branches, so now is the time to identify potential tree hazards. Water logged trees, hanging branches, split trunks – the list continues, so it is important to hire professionals to assess and repair the damage. Safety is paramount.

Everwilling Tree specialists have seen it all, and know the challenges specific to the Central Coast. They can help with removal of any storm damaged trees, ensuring the safety of your family or employees and inspect your property or place of business for other potential hazards. We can also help save your trees and advise you on which trees to plant and where. Pruning and tree transplantations are options that can be looked at to help preserve your property’s aesthetics.

As arborists, we have both the knowledge and experience to ensure each client is armed with the right information. As Winter approaches, more wild weather is sure to lash the Central Coast so it is vital now to take the correct steps to protect your loved ones and your homes.

Always honest, reliable and professional, make an appointment and let Everwilling Trees assess your properties. There’s really no room for regret.

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